Vox and the future.

At this point, I’m assuming you know, but in the event that you don’t: yes, my new home is Vox Media. On January 16th, I’ll be assuming the role of Reviews Editor for Vox Gaming. For the time being, I’ll be writing at The Verge, as I work with the rest of the Vox Gaming team to lay the foundation for the new venture and build it up. 

Man, that’s exciting. Just saying it gives me goosebumps. When I disclosed that I was leaving Joystiq in December, I mentioned an opportunity in very short supply in this field. That opportunity, that once in a lifetime chance, is building something. To have a stake in something new and incredibly exciting. As I said before, it’s a chance to kill myself over my own dreams, rather than the disconnected, distant dreams of a corporate parent.

I don’t have any ill will toward AOL or even Newscorp, really. That’s the thing though. There’s not much will at all. The only investment I ever felt from those parent companies was monetary. Those empires are too vast, too big to focus on something that seems small by comparison. IGN and Joystiq are separate entities, and are treated (or not treated at all) as such. Of course, the small sites have their own issues. 

The Vox Gaming project isn’t small. I don’t mean to stir any ill-will when I say it, but it isn’t Crispygamer. Vox isn’t just gathering talent (now there’s a word – Vox considers their writers talent, not warm bodies, which I can tell you is… unusual) to throw it to the wolves. They’re gathering talent so that they can support it with funding and infrastructure, so that talent can kick some ass. Make no mistake: all content exists for clicks. But there’s a definite goal to produce good, thoughtful, well-written content. 

Vox Gaming is coming into the world without the baggage of legacy infrastructure, a menu saddled under the weight of hundreds of competing cooks ideas of what it should be. It’s clean. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. An offer made from a position of respect for my abilities and talents as a writer (OH GOD YES MASSAGE MY EGO MORE IT’S NOT BIG ENOUGH), an offer made from a position of strength and strong planning and a bold vision of awesome content with an awesome backend. How could I say no to that? Why would I want to say no to that? 

So I said yes. And I can’t wait to get started.